Get introductory pricing on our “lean kits” meal planning & delivery service!  Each week you order, you’ll receive recipe cards and all the groceries you need to make four different meals with options to fit multiple dieting needs.  No more recipe hunting, calorie-counting, list-making, or grocery shopping–we do it all for you!  All four meals are quick to prepare and contain ~750 calories on average. This is also a GREAT meal kit solution for single folks, or for people who simply prefer smaller meals!

Steak, Broccoli & Squash Puree
Pork w Potatoes & Beans
Steak Salad
Smothered Pork Chop

Ithaca Essentials is currently REVAMPING their menu offerings to account for more specific dietary types (think PRIMAL/KETOGENIC meals!) Email us with any questions or feedback on what types of meals you’d like to see.

1. Choose pickup or delivery

  • Pickup – available each week, Mon-Wed from 3pm-7pm, at our downtown location
  • Deliveries – made Mondays between 12pm and 5pm and we ask that you leave a cooler outside with ice/ice packs to receive the groceries. Delivery is available for addresses <3 mi and 3-6 mi from the center of Ithaca (according to Google Maps). To check the distance to your address, enter "Ithaca, NY to Your Address, Your City, NY" into Google. Email us with any questions.)

2. Choose when to start!

  • Orders are accepted until noon on Saturday for the following week
  • For example: if you order before 12pm Sat Oct 14, your food will be delivered Mon Oct 16 (or you can schedule a pickup from Mon Oct 16 – Wed Oct 18)

I’m IN!

  • We accept all credit cards and you don’t need to have a Paypal account (just choose ‘pay with debit/credit card’ at bottom of Paypal screen to check out as a guest)
  • You can also email us to make arrangements for cash/check payment
  • Once we receive your payment information, we’ll email a confirmation to make sure everything is set for your order!

What do I need to provide at home?
Basic cooking tools (e.g. spatulas, pots, pans, baking sheets & dishes, plates & bowls) typical appliances (e.g. oven, stovetop, microwave) and basic pantry items (e.g. salt, pepper, cooking spray/oil, flour, foil) are all that you need.  Our meals are designed to be tasty but uncomplicated.

How can this service help with my dieting goals?
We understand that dieting is challenging–mentally, emotionally, and physically! Finding recipes, making shopping lists, and getting to the grocery store can be exasperating by themselves without adding in the tedious task of calorie-counting or point-estimating! Besides handling the recipes, lists, and shopping for you, we also give you full calorie counts for each meal, along with estimated SmartPoints (trademarked and owned by Weight Watchers) values so that you don’t have to calculate anything! And our meals are flexible–if you enjoy small snacks throughout the day and one large meal for dinner, you can do that! If you prefer to eat smaller meals, that works too–our meals can be easily split in half and reheated (if desired) for another time.

What are the benefits of this service?
Our service provides convenience to our customers, is local and family-run, and we only use local grocers and suppliers.  Because we are local, we avoid the bulky packaging and waste of shipping services and we emphasize reuse by using coolers and ice (or ice packs) that most folks already have on hand. We also strive to keep things simple with flat delivery fees (no fuel surcharges) and we are 100% responsive to requests and feedback. We are a local service working to support the community, so your individual satisfaction is our personal priority!

What are the pickup/delivery options?
Currently, you can choose local pickup or full delivery.  Local pickup is free with flexible timing–you can schedule a day (Mon-Wed, anytime between 3-7pm) to pick up your items from a labeled cooler at our downtown location (address emailed to you after order confirmation.)  Or we can deliver your groceries directly to you at work or at home (fee based on distance from our downtown location.)  We’re currently offering one delivery day option per week (Monday) and we ask that a cooler with ice/ice packs be left outside for the groceries to ensure their quality.  (We can provide coolers and ice packs for an additional charge if needed.)

Can I order for more than one week? What about giving kits as gifts?
Absolutely! At checkout, you can increase the quantity of your order. So, if you’d like to order 3 weeks of delivery service, just increase the quantity to three. You will then receive meal kits, starting the following Monday, for 3 consecutive weeks. Additionally, our meal kit service makes a wonderful gift! Have a friend with a new baby, or someone recovering from surgery? You can place your order via the website and then just enter the recipient’s address as the “shipping address” during checkout. You can also directly email us the recipient’s information after you place an order, or you can contact us ahead of time to let us know that you’ll be placing a gift order. We’re very happy to accommodate your requests so email us today!

Are there upcoming offers or features?
Currently, we’re offering introductory pricing on our service.  We also offer family meal kits (3 meals for 2 adults, usually with leftovers) with “homestyle” and “primal-inspired” options. We look forward to continued growth and are excited to work with our customers directly to meet their needs while supporting local businesses!