Check Out Our BRAND NEW Meal Kit Delivery Service!
(Now offering Primal-inspired options too!)

We have a special place in our hearts (and bellies!) for great ingredients and homemade meals. Luckily, the first is easy to find around here: locally grown fruits and vegetables, humanely-raised meats, and even many unique products (hummus, tofu, granola, coffee, to name a few!) developed right here in Central NY.

But sometimes, the planning & shopping requirements of a home-cooked meal are just too daunting! For times when you want to save money and eat well, but are low on time and energy, let us help!! If you have a challenging semester, don’t have regular use of a car, are just getting back to town after being away, or if you simply don’t enjoy meal planning, making ingredient lists, or grocery shopping, we’re here for you!

We can provide you with easy and delicious meal plans and–best of all–we do all the shopping for you too! We offer lots of options so there’s something for everyone, regardless of cuisine preference or dietary restrictions! We can also do your regular shopping for you and let you handle the rest (contact us for more information on our personal shopping options.)




dinnerBring out your inner chef!

Our fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow
directions will transform your dinners
into something truly outstanding!

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